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Maybe none of you care, but I need a moment to vent. I'll start with what might be more interesting. Because near-death experiences are interesting, right?

First, I don't really like the school system. For me at least, it's more about passing the class than learning. It's stressful. And I'm not good at handling stress. I feel like I have to continue my schooling to be successful in life(and cuz my parents expect it), and that's the only reason I do. I have a few artsy things I'm working on at the moment, but I can't focus on them at the moment. Maybe I'll slip in progress with those this week. Maybe I'll have more time next week. Point is, I want to work on them right now but I need to resist such procrastination of schoolwork. 

Car trouble is fun. Alyssa(my older sister if you aren't aware) and I share a car. I take it to school, she takes it to work (I don't have a job, but need one). On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, my last class ends at 12:20am. Alyssa needs to be at work by 1pm. It takes about five minutes for me to reach the car, then about 15 to get home, depending on traffic. The lastest Alyssa needs to leave would be at 12:45am. Usually, Alyssa leaves the second I get home. If traffic decided to be particularly bad, or something happened, Alyssa would have to figure something else out really quick. 
But that's not the car trouble. So I leave kinda early to get to class. I leave at either 7:15am or 8:15am, depending on the day of the week. It's cold that early in the morning. I sometimes(most of the time) need to scrape the windshield. Recently, I had been having the problem where it would be really cold the entire drive to school. My fingers were numb by the end of the drive. I'd blast the heater, but it wasn't helping at all. I could see my breath the entire drive. I swear it was colder in the car than outside. The back window heater worked...ssssooooo helpful. But I figured I'd deal with it. But a couple times the window would fog up while I was driving, but the window heater wasn't working. I was confused when I couldn't rub it away, but I dealt with it. I could still see and it usually cleared eventually(I actually didn't catch on to the fact that the windshield heater wasn't working for a while because of this. I thought it was just being slow to work). Last Tuesday is where the fun stuff happens, Feb 2nd. You'll enjoy this story, I'm sure. It's a bit wordy, but bear with me.
So I went out and scraped the windshield at 8:15am, like usual. Then left for school. As I was driving, the window started "fogging up." I turned on the windshield heater, because that's what you do to get fog to go away. But it just kept getting worse and it's getting difficult to see. So I wipe the window, hoping it would help. But it didn't work. Weird, right? Well, this has happened before, I guess, it'll go away eventually. Maybe the car just needs a few minutes to heat up, because it takes awhile to do that. Still keeps getting worse and I'm starting to get worried. Driving straight is becoming a challenge and I'm keeping my eye on the yellow line desperately. But I must've looked like a drunk driver. I turn onto a bigger road, drive up the hill I gotta drive up. Once I get to the top, I really can't see and I really must look drunk and I'm really starting to get scared. So I decide I'll turn onto a smaller road and park at a gas station. But I miss the entrance to the gas station and gotta keep going and pull over somewhere else. One of my friends lives near here, so I decide to go there. I can't see anything, I reach a stop sign and there are cars coming(I only know this cuz I was behind someone and they were waiting for a lot of cars that were passing), but I can't how am I supposed to turn left here without getting myself killed? Well, that turn worked out all right. There were no cars. Thank heavens for small miracles like that. I get to my friend's house and park in her driveway. I get out of the car and look at the windshield to see what kind of resilient fog I was dealing with. Turns out it was frost. The windshield had frosted over while I was driving. So I had to scrape it again. That problem was solved and it didn't frost over again. But I was still rattled and shaken and scared. I continued anyway(my friend didn't even know I had been there. I told her the story later). I had to get to school. But of course things have to start beeping at me. Something was beeping, but I couldn't tell what. Something was thumping and I couldn't tell what. I made it to school alright, but I had never been so legitimately worried I was going to die(although an accident and injury was probably more likely than death. Not much better). I, being scared of heights, have stood next to cliffs with the image in my head of tripping and falling to my death, but the possibility had never felt more real as when I was driving blind. I have a new appreciation for car heaters.
I got home and told the tale of this fun adventure to my family. I am clueless when it comes to cars, so I had my mom check the fluid levels and all that fun stuff(maybe that beeping had been for the oil, I couldn't tell. I'm that clueless). I told her how cold it would get in the car and she said she'd check it out. She took it for a drive, came to the conclusion that the heater just wasn't working at all(not a surprise to me, why else would the windshield frost over??, though it was nice to have someone else confirm that it wasn't just me that was freezing), the beeping was annoying, and the thumping was weird. Since this was beyond my mom's expertise, we would wait for my dad to come look at it. He came to the conclusion that the gasket was bad and would be expensive to fix. It would better to buy a new car. Which we did. Can't drive it yet because it needs to be inspected and licensed, and we still need the title.
Right now, we've had to use my parent's cars to get us where we need to go. Figuring out transportation has been fun... This whole thing has just been frustrating. I never liked driving and this experience didn't help at all. 

Also, a bus cut me off the other day. It made a left turn and tried to slip in in front of me, but it really shouldn't have. Nearly hit the stupid thing. It's hard to explain, but I'm pretty sure I had the right of way and it should've waited two seconds for me to pass. It wasn't pulling out into traffic like buses usually do; if it had done that, I wouldn't be complaining.

I'm gonna slip in a short bit about one of my friends. Last week, she went into diabetic shock. She had no idea she had type one diabetes before now. Must've been terrifying for her family and now she'll have to learn to live with it. She's okay now, though still having a couple problems(she can't keep any food down). Hopefully she isn't scared of needles, because she'll have to be using them everyday. My dad has type 1 diabetes, so I have an idea of what it's like. 
That's all I'll say about that. I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. 

This is where it turns into me ranting about my classes a little bit. You really don't need to read it, unless you're really interested in my school life. 

I only have four classes and the minimum number of hours to be considered a full-time student and keep my scholarship, but that's about all I think I can handle. I have two institute classes(four credit hours on church classes at the campus), on top of those, so I guess that adds up to 16 credit hours. But institute doesn't take much effort. Plus I'm not looking to graduate that. Just attend classes to keep a free parking pass. That, and the spiritual experience is great too. 
I have an Orientation to Visual Studies class, which is about three hours long(I get impatient and fidgety around an hour and a half though) and two days a week at 8am, who knows why I decided 8am was okay for school. It's an okay class, but a bit boring. Sometimes I somewhat enjoy it, other times I hate it. All depends on when you ask me. 
Then there's Music in Religion, which I have right after Visual Studies. It's a little over and hour long, and three days a week. It's easy so far. I just show up, listen to the teacher go off on his tangents and get off topic, and do the little assignments every day. I usually draw the entire time while he talks. But once the class is over, I have to race home so Alyssa can use the car and get to work. 
Human of people and places and culture. It sounded interesting, and probably is. But the professor is so boring. She speaks so monotone. And I have no idea what she wants us to remember. She goes through the slides, says some things, and I don't get a chance to write stuff down. I have a textbook I'm supposed to be reading, but why do that when she's supposed to be teaching me what's in it? Besides, I don't learn well through reading (I enjoy reading, but it's not how I learn). I have a test tomorrow that I should be studying for, but I just got back from school and decided to give myself a break. I'll get to that once I'm done here. 
I have a computer class too. I could've taken a few tests and not have to take this class, but this one class does what three tests do, so I figured the class would be an easy A. I took it with my cousin, taichikitty. Neither of us really enjoy it. We have to bring our own laptops, easy enough. Not a problem. I do not mind that. The classroom doesn't have any computers, but it does have an outlet at each seat(which is good cuz my battery doesn't last very long. 3 hours if I'm lucky). The problem is that it's a lot of busywork. You just get a bunch of crap to do. It's a bit tiring. In class, she'll explain how to do things, but she just says it all at once and it's easy to forget what she said at the beginning. She'll explain a lot of things I know how to do(a couple I know how to do more efficiently too), some things that I didn't know before, and won't explain other things I don't know. For the most part, it's still not that difficult, just tedious and annoying.
Finally, there's the two institute classes. I don't really have anything to say about those. I don't love them, but I don't dislike them. Some days are nice, others are okay. 

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my stories and my venting. Have a nice day! 
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